PACE is a global provider of software and services in Portfolio, Program & Project Management (P3M), New Product Innovation(NPI), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) innovation and new product development (NPD), Corporate Governance, HR Management Systems, and Contact Management Systems. PACE and its associated partners have a wide ranging product portfolio including several flagship products.

Web based Project Management Solution

  • 'The World Is Flat' - Global execution is business reality

Unique process modeling capabilities

  • Workflow wizards to model your Project Methodologies
  • Drive vertical 'Best Practices' into the horizontal enterprise
  • Disciplined Project Execution without huge 'TRAINING' curve!

Functional Task Focused Interfaces

  • Document / Task / Resource / Project Mgmt
  • Cost / Time management
  • Gate Review / Governance management
  • Automated notifications & alerts

'Real-Time' decision making - dashboards

  • Multi-level dashboards with drill down capabilities
  • Executive dashboards - [R, Y, G] status visibility
  • Reports & Metrics to drive detailed analysis

PMO as a "Competitive Advantage"

  • Accelerate time to market & time to customer
  • Respond rapidly to customer demands
  • Enable efficient project execution teams

PACE Delivers Value Across the Enterprise

Micro Level PMO Process Map

Key features

Effective decision support using real-time data:

  • Collaborate and review / approve at critical milestones
  • Identify Inter-Project Dependencies
  • Analyze Cost / Time / Resource utilization

Complexity Management:

  • Manage Program Management Office (PMO)
  • Manage document library (process templates)
  • Manage project requests and approve new project kick-off

Project Management:

  • Dashboard approach
  • Role based engagement: Project Mgr, Team Member, Customer, Contractor, ..
  • Automated project 'status' management

Document management at multiple levels within a project:

  • Project level
  • Stage, Gate or Task level


Complex PM Solutions focus on end to end integration. They are high cost solutions with long lead implementation times. However, typically only 20% of the functionality is used in any company on a repetitive value added basis. Also, they are not fully web based and hence add deployment complexity

Other, more cost effective solutions (like Microsoft Project) focus on defining and maintaining effective Project Plans. Though low cost, they are typically not collaborative solutions. They do not enable global project teams to work in context of a project dashboard concept. Web enabling deliverables (like MS project plan) typically does not deliver the required level of integration for successful project management

PACE brings the best of the high end and low end solutions in one integrated package:

  • Web based and enabler for global collaboration
  • Ability to manage multiple document formats (MS Project Plan, Excel, CAD files, etc.)
  • PMO methodology independent - Enables customers to model and reuse their unique time tested methodologies for project management aligned with their corporate culture
  • .NET architecture based:
    • Open, extensible architecture
    • Enables addition of third party modules and customer specific configurations
    • Integration with existing business processes and applications

Real Time Dashboards

Dashboards provide instant visibility into project status (Red, Yellow, Green) and can be organized by any number of factors for effective decision making including customers, organizations, PM Office, etc:

In addition, executive dashboards provide detailed project lifecycle status as well:

Detailed analysis can be done using 'Drill Down' reports:

Also, detailed custom reports can be generated and downloaded to EXCEL or other spreadsheets:

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